This a PATCH version of Foscam Monitor app. Due to incompatibility between Foscam SDK library and Android 6. 0. x, Foscam Monitor app is currently unable to start direct-connection mode on some devices running Android 6. 0. x. Furthermore, recent Google Play policy prevents us from fixing this issue by downgrading target OS version from Android 6. 0. 1 to Android 5. 1. As a workaround, we have published "Foscam Monitor Patch" in order to fix this issue both for for existing and new users. Please note:- Foscam Monitor Patch requires either Foscam Monitor or Foscam Monitor DEMO to be installed in your device. Foscam Monitor Patch will work in DEMO mode unless you have Foscam Monitor installed in your device. If you are already using Foscam Monitor Patch and want to upgrade, please install https://play. id=com. amstapps. xfoscamviewer.
Operating System Android