Bracket Builder is a simple yet powerful tool for creating and managing tournament brackets on your Android device. Tournaments may contain from three to sixty-four participants. The user may specify zero, two, or four divisions for seeding purposes. Seeding may be random, or manually set by the user. All brackets are saved automatically from the moment of their creation to their deletion from the load menu. The bracket views are zoom-able, and errors may be corrected by reassigning winners. Planned Improvements. Help Section- Score Entry- Forfeiting out of tournaments (in case someone has to leave) - Copying old tournaments- Round RobinIf you have any issues or suggestions, feel free to shoot me an email. I want for this app to be as good as you want it to be ;) Version History:1. 0 - Initial release1. 1 - Allows bracket resets from the load screen - Adds a progress bar while bracket loads - Centers bracket at load time (helps with smaller ones) - Stops divisions from sorting after entry (so that they populate in the order that they are entered, from left to right, top to bottom) - Fixed a few other minor glitches1. 2 - Fixed a bug in reset feature (BYE's not working properly in reset brackets) - Improved the structure and behavior of the final game and winner area (if brackets created before 1. 2 are reset, this area will be slightly different) 1. 3 - Moderate bug fixes and refactoring. Minor display changes. Kindle Fire compatibility improvements. Brackets can only be reset if created from 1. 3 forward. 2. 0 - This version adds Double Elimination, as well as a massive graphics overhaul. It also includes many small adjustments and performance enhancements.
Operating System Android