Body Scanner Metal Detector

Body Scanner Metal Detector is a measuring tool to find out iron and metal based items in human body. A must handy tool for security reasons. Detects knife, pistols and other dangerous weapons in side the human body. Take a full body scan through body metal detector and find the items based on metal and irons that are prohibits by governmentsFull Body metal detector can detect the content of iron and heavy metal (silver, Gold, Aluminum ) at the same time and display the concentration. It will alarm immediately once the concentration of any iron based item reaches or exceeds the preset alarm point.common Usage of Body Scanner Metal Detector? Diagnostic uses of body metal detectors during operation and discovering bullets inside body? whether it is for security, loss prevention or just for peace of mind use of body metal detector can help discovering illegal and dangerous items. Discovering of Metals : A quick GuideMetal Detector discover metals using builtin magnetic sensor in your phone find the metal surrounding you. Launch the application from your phone and take it near the human body for which you need to scan the full body. It will scan and beep alarm if detects any kind of iron base item. Turns your cell phone into a real metal detector making your friends and family jealous about your phone. Detect precious metals using your own phone anywhere anytime. Earth's Magnetic Field ranges from 30 to 60 �?�µT. Any Other measurement is an indication of unusual metal activity. PrecautionsRadio waves like TV and Radio signals can effect magnetic sensor. Hence it will effect the body metal detector less powerful. So avoid such places where these items are near by you during body scanner.
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