HALF PRICE SALE? Beautiful, powerful and simple Stopwatch & Timer+Perfect for every timing situation from sports, work to cooking. This is the paid version of the popular Stopwatch & Timer app with additional power features:? Up to 99 hours? Multiple stopwatches and timers? Rename timers & Laps? Countdown then up? Countdown and repeat (Loop countdowns)? Countdown and start next timer (Chain timers)? Export times by email? Show current lap (optional)? 1/100ths (optional)? Create groups of timers and control them as a group (swipe between your groups)? Rename groups of timers? Reorder timers (by long pressing and dragging up or down)? Delete timers (by long pressing and swiping to right)? Choose your own font and color? Optional "compact mode" to fit more timers on the screenPlease support app with a good rating, it helps future development thanksOnline stopwatch http://stopwatchtimers.com/stopwatch/Online timer http://stopwatchtimers.com/timer/.
Operating System Android