Speed Test is an App belongs to CM Security. It helps scan your WiFi environments, check the security and speed of the connection, and then optimize the speeds as much as possible. Here are the key features :�¦ Simple 1-tap test to check your Wi-Fi security�¦ Warn against malicious Wi-Fi hotspots�¦ Real-time network speed test�¦ Boost and optimize speeds�¦ Free Wi-Fi connection in the top 100 airportsCM Security ranked #1 by the AV-TEST again. AV-TEST, a leading independent organization in Germany, conduct regular appraisals of all antivirus products on the market and hand it awards for excellence. Their award is regarded as like an Oscar in the field of IT security and antivirus research. AV-TEST evaluates antivirus software based on how well they can detect viruses, how user-friendly they are, and awards high-quality products their commendations.
Operating System Android