Now also SOUND. Volume is linked to the watch's alarm sound volume. Weak vibrations on your Wear watch? Do you miss notifications? Feel The Wear allows you to set custom vibrations and SOUNDs for your apps' notifications, which you will not miss. Now works also without a watch, let the phone have the custom vibrations. 1) Install app2) Wait a couple minutes for the app to install on your watch3) Open app on phone4) Select what apps you want to vibrate on your watch5) Turn off the vibrate in the individual apps on your phone. That's it. by Alan BeckAlways contact me with any issues via email please. App is not yet optimized for incoming phone calls. Can vibrate also a phone and even without a watch. PREMIUM: create your own vibration patterns by tapping the screen. home screen widget to toggle custom vibrations on/off (mute). option to repeat vibrations (customizable). custom pattern for phone disconnect. advanced mode - edit vibration pattern string, also copy&paste, per-app options and per-contact patterns/sounds. EXPERIMENTAL phone call vibrations in theater mode (option for every call) - now also vibrations and sounds per-contact. optional global vibration for all apps (long press an app to block its vibration). custom screen-on time out for watch (keep the watch's screen on longer). hourly chime - vibrate every hour and/or at 15/30/45 minutes or even every 5/10 minutes. optional custom vibrations on the phone e. g. when watch is disconnected. also works without a watch. integration with automation apps like Tasker and Automate - send commands to mute/unmute the appFEATURES: pick from seven pre-defined vibration patterns. set vibrations even for apps which have non-vibrating notifications only (e. g. Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc). optional long vibration pattern when phone disconnects from your watch (configurable in premium). options to change vibrations behavior when watch's screen is on. quiet hours for people who do not charge every day. Android 5 phones: option to obey priority mode. optional "turn on watch's screen". quick mute button to temporarily disable all vibrations - there is no automatic way to detect the theater mode and watch's mute settings. configurable behaviour when watch is charging or in a dock. no vibration for ongoing/permanent/progress notifications. add an optional delay to the vibration (settings). watch vibrating a 1-2 seconds before the notification shows-up on the watch is normal. vibrations history to debug random vibrations. and moreApp needs a permission to read the phone's notifications and will ask for this on the app's first start. The watch can vibrate even a second before the notification arrives into your watch. This is because the watch will vibrate at the time a notification arrives into your phone and it could take some time for a notification to show-up on the watch. It takes some time for the app to install into your watch, so wait a while. The app will never be visible in the watch, because it has no activity. Once you can successfully test the vibrate patterns from the phone app, the watch will vibrate as expected. App does not make physically stronger vibrations. It is not possible to make the vibrating motor stronger via an app, it depends on the watch's hardware and firmware. NOTICE. :If you experience double vibrations then set no sound and no vibration in the 3rd party app's settings for its notifications. Or you can try the vibration delay option in the Feel The Wear's settings screens and make the vibrations overlap. TRANSLATIONS. German: Soren Barthel. Russian: �?�»�µ�³ �?�?�»�¸�?�¾�² kulishov. oleg@gmail.comThis Wear app was made for us and released to the public. Enjoy.
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