Battery Charger Alarm monitors battery status of phone. Battery Charger Alarm features low and full battery alerts for your ease. Full battery alert protects against overcharging hence extends battery life and saves energy. Low battery alert reminds before your phone battery die out completely. Key Features :- Full Battery Alert Alarm- Low Battery Alert Alarm- Set Your Favourite Alarm Ringtone- Set Alarm Ringing Frequency- Control Vibration Settings- Control Silent Mode Settings- Control Night Mode Settings Q&A :Q : How does Battery Charger Alarm extend battery lifetime? A : It simply protects your phone from overcharging. It is advisable to keep full or maximum battery alert to 90% and low or minimum battery alert to 30%. If possible avoid your phone from being charged to 100%. Q : How does Vibrate & Silent Mode work? A : BCA considers activated user profile on your android device. Turning these both mode ON would not ring the battery alert while you are on vibrate or silent profile. Making this mode OFF would ring all battery alerts even in vibrate and silent profiles. Q : How does Night mode work? A : Turning the night mode ON would not ring any battery alert in between 11 PM to 8 AM. If one needs battery alert even in this time period, one can make the night mode OFF. NOTE : In case of any task killer app on your phone, It is highly advisable to keep this application in their white list or ignore list. Otherwise, Application may not work properly. If you really like using this app, please take a moment to rate us 5 star. It would encourage us for adding more and more features. All feedbacks are most welcome. We would be happy to hear you at ingenious.
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