Barometer and altimeter Pro

Professional barometer for everyone's need with additional altimeter (both sensor and GPS) functions. Operation is based on integrated barometric pressure sensor. Barometer is mostly used for weather forecast while altimeter helps to measure altitude, but feel free to use your imagination when using this application. Features: - predefined settings for fishers, hikers, runners and etc. manual calibration for barometer- manual and GPS calibration for altimeter- notification for sudden pressure change- pressure trend calculation- 2 widgets for barometer and 2 for altimeter- graph- weather forecast widget- custom measurement interval- moving average (for noise reduction) - history export to CSV- lots of measurement units (mbar, mmHg, inHg, meters, feets, psi, kPa, hPa, atm, mmAq, at, N (m^ (-2) ) - advertisement freePlease note that this barometer works only in devices with built-in pressure sensor.
Operating System Android