Application was created to make the settings in your camera easier. It allows you to see the exactly what is recording so you can adjust the view of camera in the desired position. You can also watch the content recorded by your camera. Configuration helps you to set the required parameters easily thanks to direct USB communication. You can also set parameters even without OTG cable, you can just use configuration file on memory card. Live video gives you the ability to see what is your camera seeing. You can adjust the view of the camera anywhere. You have also the ability to record videos and to capture photos internally in your phone or tablet. Media player shows you all photos and videos recorded by the camera. Now, you can watch your videos without computer. You can also easily copy media from your camera into your phone or tablet and save the space in your camera anywhere. Supported cameras are Mobius ActionCam, Mobius 2 and 808#16. Configuration profiles, firmware update and more will come in some of next update. You can try the application and test the compatibility with your device for one hour. Application itself is paid. I want to avoid a case when you pay for something and it's not working. Recommended OTG cableshttp://goo. gl/O1pTTlhttp://goo. gl/sh8yvAInternal video recording does not support audio at the moment. Application supports the latest camera firmwares. Firmware v2. 41 for Mobius ActionCam, v1. 32 for Mobius 2 and v1. 12 for 808#16 camera.
Operating System Android