Backup & Restore for kik

ONLY FOR ROOTED DEVICES. IF YOU DON'T HAVE ROOT ACCESS AND YOU DON'T WANT THE APP ANYMORE PLEASE KINDLY & BEFORE LEAVING ANY NEGATIVE FEEDBACKS CONTACT US & WE'LL REFUND YOUR MONEY. This is the only app that will backup and restore all of your kik conversations. Do you want to logout (reset your kik) without losing all of your conversations? Do you want to move all of your conversations to another phone/tablet? Or do you just want to backup the conversations? Backup & restore for kik will do all of those. This App need an internet connection to backup to your private Dropbox account. This App does not collect any data or chat messages. All backups stays in your phone or your private Dropbox account. This App won't restore your previously deleted messages, it'll backup & restore your current conversations. If you face any problems please contact us before leaving any negative feedback. Please note that this app is ONLY for rooted devices. read more about root & how to root (basic info) : http:// v=jQvHVhO-EPY. This app is not endorsed by or affiliated with Kik Interactive, Inc.
Operating System Android