Mixing Station Qu allows you to remote control the Qu series mixers from Allen&Heath. Features:- RTA overlay for PEQ/GEQ- RTA averaging- Level timeline for gate and dynamics (pro version) - Peak hold for all meters with changeable hold time (pro version) - Peq preview in channel strip (pro version) - High contrast mode for outdoor usage (pro version) - Popgroups (pro version) - Unlimited DCA groups (IDCAs) - Customizeable layer, channel order and mutegroup labels- Up to 32 channels visible channels per layer- Runs on smartphones and tablets- Direct email supportLimitations:Only ONE instance of the app can be connected to the mixer at a time. This is a limitation of the midi protocol of the mixer.compatible mixer:- Firmware >= 1. 82- Qu-16, Qu-24, Qu-32, Qu-PAC.
Operating System Android