Do you happen to have a Connect IQ supported Garmin sports watch or smart watch? then this is the app you need to be able to text or call someone from your Garmin watch. Download this app to your android phone and then download the "SMS (Android) " watch app from the Garmin Connect IQ store (watch face developer name: Hemi1984). and you should be magically be able to send textor dial a number from your watch. Functionality:1) Respond to the most recent incoming SMS. 2) Dial out quickly to your favorite contact. 3) Use pre-canned text replies or type your own response using the keyboard on the watch app. 4) Select up to 4 favorite contacts now to respond via text. Known issues. If you see connection issues, try using the new Restart button under the SMS (Connect IQ) Android app and then see if it fixes it. As a last resort uninstall the apps on both the phone and watch and try again. You can also customize the canned text messages that you want to send.
Operating System Android