AutoStart Manager is an super and smart tool that helps you to analyze the autorun behavior and lets you can disable or remove autorun components of an app. AutoStart Manager enables you to take control of your applications. Keep control over your phone: See what applications do behind your back. AutoStart Manager app to keep control your device automatically, it's means that, use this application to control on what application do behind your back, so use this application to you know which event is useful for you or not, otherwise disable it and speed up your device. No generate any catch memory and any load when start up your phone, boot because first you disable not required events. Enjoy AutoStart Manager is free app and totally ads free. Please read below to know what these app does: AutoStart Manager lists all these receivers and allows you to disable them with a click of a button. After you disable a broadcast receiver the app will no longer be able to know when that event takes place. For example, if you disabled a receiver that knew when your phone rebooted then that app won't start up at boot anymore. AutoStart Manager is an ultimate tool that lets youdisable all the autostarting apps you don't need. Unfortunately this app is misunderstood many times so please read help carefully and/or mail if you have questions. Note: Root-Access is required to make changes. Otherwise, AutoStart Manager application will be read-only. Thank you for downloading this free app. Let me know if you want any other functionalities added. Please also inform us of any bugs, so that we can fix them and make it perfect.
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