Smart LED FlashlightSmart LED Flashlight is a great app, which is simple, smart, handy and useful. It has many amazing features. Switch your Flashlight On/off with realistic Switch with nice sound. Also Shake your mobile to switch On/Off Flashlight. Blinking lights useful for giving signal to some one. screen light reduces your mobile battery usage and use for long time. Have fun with Disco lights, adjust color and lights frequency. Surprise yourself with beautiful LED particles animation. Entertain yourself with laser lights and other LED features. Use your strobe lights, police siren lights and sound in emergency. Uses of Smart LED Flashlight:? When the power is off suddenly at home? Find a way in dark movie theater. When you struck outside in darkness, where there are no street lights. Enjoy the best "Smart LED Flashlight" with awesome features. Download Now for Free.
Operating System Android