NEW: Additional NEC Code years are available for free. Next update will include NEC 2017 (when NEC 2017 is officially published). The official US-based National Electrical Code (NEC) ElectriCalc Pro calculator from Calculated Industries for Android is a full-featured calculator emulation of our popular #5065/#5070 models. And while perhaps obvious, if you change from an Android device to an iPhone or iPad, you WILL need to buy a new license as they are incompatible. In addition to built-in help, the ElectriCalc Pro electrical code calculator is fully compliant with 2014, 2011, 2008, 2005, 2002, 1999, and 1996 NEC. Future NEC code updates will be available for in-app purchase as they are released. Electrical Contractors, Designers, Electricians and Lighting Specialists calculate tough electrical calculations in seconds and deliver those solutions in conformance with the latest NEC. The ElectriCalc Pro calculator is a complete electrical reference tool that will save time, trouble and money--this calc will quickly become an electrician/electrical contractor's best friend. ElectriCalc Pro Calculator Solutions: Wire Sizes. Voltage Drop. Conduit Sizing - 12 types of Conduit. Motor Full-Load Amps. Calculate Fuse and Breaker Sizes. NEC Table Number displayed when performing Wire Size calculations. Service and Equipment Grounding Conductor Sizes. Enter BTU to find Kilowatts per Hour. Enter Kilowatts per Hour to find BTU. Parallel Resistance. Ohm's Law Calculations - enter any two values to solve for the third using Ohm's Law. Circular MILS wire sizesDescription of ElectriCalc Pro Calculations: Work directly in and convert between Amps, Watts, Volts, Volt-Amps, kVA, kW, PF% and EFF% and DC Resistance. Calculate wire sizes per NEC 310-16 and 310-17; Copper or aluminum, 3O/1O, 60�??�?�°C, 75�??�?�°C, 90�??�?�°C insulation ratings and 100% or 125% of ampacity. Can also adjust wire sizes for ambient temperatures other than 30? C and for more than three wires in a raceway. Integrated voltage drop solutions. Find minimum voltage drop wire size, maximum Length for any given wire size, voltage drop percentage, actual number and percentage of Volts dropped. This calc contains conduit sizing for 12 types of conduit. Per 2005 and 2008 NEC Table C1-C12, find sizing of all common conduits for any combination for #THW, #XHHW and # THHN wires. Plus, gives fill percentages, cross-sectional areas, remaining areas and more. Find Motor Full-Load Amps per current NEC directly in the calc. Works in 1O and 3O with the new expanded tables for 3O induction (to 500 hp) synchronous (to 200 hp) and DC motors per NEC 430-247, 430- 248 and 430-250. Calculates Fuse and Breaker Sizes. Solves fuse and breaker sizes per NEC 430-52. Parallel and derated wire sizing. Parallel Resistance. NEC Table number displays when performing Wire Size calculations. Sizes overload protection per NEC 430-32. Automatically finds NEMA starter sizes. Calculates service and equipment grounding conductor sizes per NEC 250-122 and 250-66; plus works directly in electrical terms. Enter BTU to find Kilowatts per Hour. Enter Kilowatts per Hour to find BTU. Ohm's Law Calculations - enter any two values to solve for the third using Ohm's Law. Enter, solve or convert to Circular MILS wire sizesPerfect for Electrical Contractors, Designers, Electricians and Lighting Specialists. Note: Electrical math is universal, however, code-based sizing solutions are based on the US National Electrical Code (NEC) ; users in other countries should check with their local Code Officials for applicability. Free Technical Support: contact us with any question on how to use your calc by visiting for support details or email us at Our Free Technical Support can assist you with any usage question you may have, however, for Google Checkout and/or download issues, please contact Google Play/Android Market for assistance.
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