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The Electrical Calc Elite is designed with electrical professionals in mind to solve the most common electrical calculations based on National Electric Codes.compliant with 2011, 2008, 2005, 2002, and 1999 NEC Updateable Electrical Code Calculator. An in-app purchase is currently available for NEC 2014 code update. Great for Electrical Contractors, Designers, Engineers, Electricians, Maintenance Inspectors, Planners, Builders, and Lighting Specialists. The Electrical Calc Elite allows you to solve code-related problems quickly and accurately. the most common National Electric Code tables are now at your fingertips. Electrical Calculations. Wires Sizes. Voltage Drop on Wires. Conduit Sizing. Ohm's Law. Kirchhoff's Law. Motor Full-Load Amps. Power Factor and Motor Efficiency. Fuse and Breaker Sizes. Service and Equipment Grounding Sizes. Electrical Unit conversion. Parallel Resistance. Circular MILs Wire. NEMA starter size. NEC references for calculationsDescription of Calculations. Convert between Amps, Watts, Volts, VA, kVA, kW, PF%, Efficiency%, and DC Resistance. Ohm's Law Calculations: enter any two values (ohms, volts, or amps) to solve for the third. Calculate required wire size per NEC tables 310-16 and 310-17; Copper or Aluminum, 3o or 1o, 60�??�?�°C, 75�??�?�°C, 90�??�?�°C insulation ratings and 100% or 125% of ampacity. Adjust wire sizes for ambient temperatures other than 30�??�?�°C and for more than three wires in a raceway. Calculate Voltage drop: Find minimum VD wire size, maximum length for any given wire size to stay within specificed VD, drop percentage, actual number and percentage of Volts dropped. Conduit sizing for 12 types of conduit per NEC : Find recommended size of conduit for combinations of #THW, #XHHW, and #THHN wires. Also calculates fill percentages, conduit cross-sectional areas, remaining areas and more. Find Motor Full-Load current per current NEC : Works in 1o or 3o, synchronous and DC motors per NEC 430-247, 430-248, and 430-250. Calculate Fuse and Breaker Sizes per NEC 430-52. Parallel and derated wire sizing. Calculate parallel resistance. NEC Table number displays when performing wire size calculations. Sizes overload protection per NEC 430-32. Finds NEMA starter sizes per ICS 2-1988 (Tables 2-327-1 and 2-327-2). Calculates service and equipment grounding conductor sizes per NEC 250-122 and 250-66. Convert between BTU and Kilowatts per Hour. Circular MILs calculated for wire sizes. Works as a standard math or electric calculator. Quick and easy updates to future NEC code revisionsVisit our website: http:// www.cyberprodigy.com/electricalcalcelite/ for more information including our detailed user's manual. If you are not 100% satisfied with this calculator please email us at techsupport@cyberprodigy.com so we can make things right before posting any negative reviews. We are also open to any suggestions you may have for future enhancements to this electric calculator. Please note that any download and Google Checkout issues are directly involved with Google Play and should contact them for assistance. Electrical Calc Elite is not associated with ElectriCalc Pro and Cyberprodigy LLC is not affiliated with Calculated Industries, Inc.
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