Promo sale. Now only $. 99. Celebrating MILK&Print service integration. Order high quality physical prints of your artwork with MILK&Print service http:// two weeks only MILK&Print have dropped their prices to a super low level. This is only available for Sketcher users as we value your relationship and wish to offer you top quality frames, prints and canvases at the lowest price on the market. A fun procedural drawing tool. A port of "Harmony" community: http://bit. ly/sketcherfb Features: 12 brushes + eraser. color picker w/transparency. multiple undo/redo. pan/zoom. adjustable canvas orientation and size. open previously saved pictures. order physical prints of your artwork. multiple modes: + normal + color background + blueprint - use a picture as removable background + picture as a background. share by e-mail, MMS, etc. Enjoy. Tags: sketch, drawing.
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