Magnifying Glass + Flashlight

When executed, it contains immediately lighting to magnifying glass (loupe, reading glass) function LED flashlight (lamplight, lantern) functionA flashlight and a digital magnifier function using the immediately LED lighting in the dark, you can see and easily expand the small characters. Not only the scaling function of the magnifying glass, you can take a picture using the camera. If you have a mobile phone, anytime and anywhere the best magnifying glass (loupe, reading glass) to be able to use LED flashlight (lamplight, lantern) can function pattern. Using the flashlight and camera function, you can easily see bottom of the furniture and back of the TV. You can save and read the small characters of the book or the newpaper comfortably. Not only the scale of the captured image, to manage the images stored in the Gallery feature easily. Features: - Simple scaling using the screen of the mobile phone - Scaling the image captured - Easy to manage the images stored in the Gallery feature - LED flashlight (lamplight, lantern) running immediately in a dark place function - You can inform your position even from a distance in an emergency flashing function. - Image capture and at the same time, you can share as soon as other friends. Please present the Magnifying glass Flashlight app for your parents.
Operating System Android