My Guardian Cloud is your own personal location-based security app for those times when you feel unsafe, uneasy or unsure of your surroundings and dont trust that you would be able to react quickly enough to dial a phone number should you be caught off guard. Working late and have to walk back to your car in a dark parking lot late at night? Are you at home alone with a repairman and feeling a little uneasy?Met someone online and meeting them for the first time but dont know whether they can be trusted?Are you traveling alone in an unfamiliar or bad neighborhood and a little nervous?Find yourself in an unexpected predicament where you feel your safety may be compromised but not quite sure its time to call 911?Feeling in danger but not able to dial 911?The above are just a few of the situations where it would be ideal to have your friends or family nearby to watch over you. My Guardian Cloud is the next best thing. Simply select up to 5 friends or family members that should be notified in the event of an emergency or problem. Start the app as soon as you find yourself in a questionable situation and the app will begin monitoring your location. Once the danger is past and you feel safe, simply enter your secret PIN and the app will stop monitoring you. However, if you find yourself in real danger and unable to dial 911 or call a friend or family, simply shake your phone and your pre-selected group of friends or family members will receive SMS texts or emails that pinpoint your location and the fact that you may be in distress and need help. If you find yourself in physical danger or experience a health emergency, My Guardian Cloud is right there with you, enabling your friends and/or family members to quickly locate you and provide help and/or guide the appropriate emergency personnel right to your location! ** There is no fumbling for your phone during an emergency or trying to dial numbers on your phone. Shaking or dropping your phone should be enough to trigger a message to your friends and family.** Women can keep their phone in their purse and simply shake their purse should they want to activate the notification feature.**SMS messages make sure that the people who need to know you are in trouble see your call for help.**Only pay for alerts that actually get sent out. There are no monitoring subscription fees! The only time you pay is when a distress message gets sent out!**A link to a map of your location is sent out so that help can find you.**Your friends or family do not need the app in order to receive emergency notifications any mobile phone can receive it! Protect yourself and loved ones with My Guardian Cloud!Warning: Continued use of location services in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. This is true of all apps using GPS running in background.
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Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with . iTunes account required.