Infrared Remote for Apple TV

Please read this in its entirety before commenting! If you have any troubles, please email me first before leaving a negative review and I'll do my best to address your issue. To enable infrared support on your Apple TV, you MUST first unpair your original Apple TV remote.Same icon, same app, different name. Google took down the previous one due to the name. For users who paid to remove the ads, please email me with your transaction/order number in the subject line from the Google email address you use to log into Google Play and the ads will be disabled for you (sorry there's no other way of doing this).Features:- Control your Apple TV via infrared (IR) without having to jailbreak your Apple TV- Keyboard support that lets you type on your device and it sends the infrared codes either after every letter or all at once- Holding directional and menu buttons down will keep sending those codes acrossHow to enable infrared support on your Apple TV:- On your Apple TV, go to General > Remote- Select 'Unpair Apple Remote'How to use the keyboard:- First open the on-screen keyboard on the Apple TV- Then click the A button on the app to show the keyboard on your Android device- Keep the device aimed at the Apple TV and start typing- If you want to send codes all at once (for example when entering an email address), hit the toggle button labeled Letter to change it to Word(s) after which you'll need to click Send to send the codes at once (make sure your device is pointed at the Apple TV throughout the entire send)Supported Devices (any version of Android):- Samsung Galaxy S6- Samsung Galaxy S5- Samsung Galaxy S4- Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0- Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1- Samsung Tab 3 7.0 (and Plus)- Samsung Tab 2 7.0Supported Devices (Android 4.4 KitKat or Android 5.0 Lollipop or greater):- HTC One (2013)- HTC One Max- HTC One M8- HTC One M9Experimental (may or may not work):- LG G3Permissions:- Accounts ----- To allow those who purchased it before to not see ads by checking whether their main email address was the one that purchased it- InApp Purchase----- To allow you (in a future release) to upgrade to not show ads- Internet/Network State----- To support ads- Infrared----- To use the infrared transmitter of your device- Vibrate----- To allow for haptic responseTroubleshooting:- If the buttons in the app don't work and the Apple TV LED indicator blinks three times, then you MUST unpair your original Apple TV remote via the instructions supplied above.If your device is not listed here and it works, please email me so I can update the list.If your device is listed and is not working, let me know and I'll look into it.Recent changes:- Changed icons to match sister app Infrared Remote for Roku- Added Stay Awake to settings- Added link to Infrared Remote for RokuContent rating: Everyone
File Size2.4 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.