Coil Tubing Chart

Determines:Completion Volume (bbl/ft) Annular Volume (bbl/ft)Nitrogen Column Pressure Ratio and Volume (cuft/bbl)Coiled Tubing Specifications including Weight (lb/ft), Yield (lb), Hydro Test Pressure (psig)Snub Force (lb)Based on slide rulers developed by major coiled tubing service providers.Uses:Circulation or deliquificationChemical washesFishing lost toolsMilling operationsDeploying and retrieving down-hole equipmentUsed By:Tool Operators and SupervisorsCoil Operators and SupervisorsDrilling Rig Operators and SupervisorsWorkover Rig Operators and SupervisorsOverhead Rig Operators and SupervisorsOil Company RepresentativesFlow VolumesDetermines:Completion Volume (bbl/ft) Annular Volume (bbl/ft)Used to Calculate:Annular Velocity (AV) Bottoms Up TimeVolume of Fluid to SurfaceRanges:Casing Size - 4 1/2 to 9 5/8 Tubing Size - 2 3/8 to 3 1/2 Internal / Drill Pipe Size - 2 3/8 to 3 1/2 Coiled Tubing Outer Diameter - 1 to 2 7/8 Pressure RatiosDetermines:Pressure Ratio for a Column of Nitrogen Used to Calculate:Bottom Hole Pressure for a Column of NitrogenRanges:Well Depth - 1000 to 15000 ftNitrogen FactorsDetermines:Cubic Feet of Nitrogen per Barrel of Space (cuft/bbl)Ranges:Pressure - 100 to 10000 psiaTemperature - 80 to 200 degrees FCoiled Tubing SpecificationsDetermines:Weight (lb/ft)Yield (lb)Hydro Test Pressure (psig)Used to Calculate:FatigueTensile StrengthRanges:Coiled Tubing Size - 1 to 2 7/8 Coiled Tubing Grade - 70 to 100 GradeSnub ForcesDetermines: Snub Force (lb)Ranges:Coiled Tubing Size - 1 to 2 7/8Wellhead Pressure 500 to 15000 psia
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