Secure Encrypted Anonymous Browser

What this app offers and why is it so expensive?You get a browser which has a ENCRYPTED connection to our high -performance, wide bandwidth proxy server. (monthly fee for us)Default java scripts are disabled, which makes browsing fast and more secure.Nearly full scree super fast browsing!The URLs are encrypted, which means no content filter is able to detect where you are surfing, even if it breaks the SSL connection.The keys are renewed regularly for safety reason.As a follow, if you have not used the app for a while and want to continue browsing, you land on the start page , because the old key no longer works , this is done for your own safety !You can immediately enter a website and continue browsing .This app does not save anything , quit the app via the task manager and all the data is gone , no history etc.Your IP is not passed to the web pages so they don't get any information about your location.Also websites can not track you, because we only save cookies temporarily on our server.Buy the app not to perform illegal activities, we will report them !Buy the app if you want to protect you privacy and want to make sure that not every body spying on your surfing habits. Sometimes it may make sense to allow Java script shortly thereafter, deactivate it again, because you need to access e.g. a menu .Have in mind, changing the defaults could allow scripts to get additional information about you.Videos are not supported , goal is to be able to surf very quickly,anonymous and safe , see for yourself the incredible speed.This app does not save anything , so no bookmarks can be created.Please keep in mind, of course not all website will allow access via proxy.
File Size902.54 kB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4. iTunes account required.