Power On Volume (Button Fix)

Power On Volume (Button Fix) is an app designed for phones and tablets with faulty or broken power buttons.If your tablet or phones power button is starting to fail, stop using it and get this app!POWER ON USING VOLUME KEYSUsing Power On Volume you can wake up your tablet or phone and power on your screen using the physical volume keys on your tablet or phone instead of using a faulty power button.*** NOW USES MUCH LESS BATTERY POWER ***Tests showed up to 72% reduction in battery drain compared to previous versions. Battery drain varies by device type and can still be an issue on some devices.POWER OFF OPTIONSUsing Power On Volume you can power off the screen, lock the screen, and enter power saving sleep mode using three options:* Waving your hand in front of your devices proximity sensor (if supported).* Long pressing the search button (on devices with a search key).* Pressing a Power Off shortcut icon from your home screen.* Pressing the Power Off button in the Power On Volume app.* Pressing a Power Off notification in the notification bar.The long press search button feature is fully configurable. You can enable and disable this feature, and you can also select other apps to be launched when you long press the search button if they support this feature (such as the Google Voice Search app).The Power Off shortcut icon can be selected from 16 beautiful HD Power Off icons.The Power Off feature is compatible with all current versions of Android. Unlike many other apps available, the Power Off function will never turn the screen back on unpredictably like other similar apps are known to do when run on Android OS versions 4.0.4 or 4.1.1. When the Power Off Proximity function is enabled (on supported hardware), you can turn off your device by waving your hand in front of the proximity sensor or by placing your device face down, putting it in a pocket, etc. Any action that covers the front will turn off your device. The Power Off Proximity function wont turn off your phone during calls or when the phone is ringing. The Power Off Proximity function doesnt consume any power when disabled or when the screen is off, saving precious battery life.ROOT FEATURESThe root features require a rooted tablet or phone. If you dont know was root is, you probably dont have a rooted tablet or phone.* Hot Boot: restarts the android GUI (if supported by your rooted system).* Power Long Press: emulates long pressing the hardware power button.* Reboot: reboots the device (if supported by your rooted system).* Reboot Recovery: reboots the device into recovery mode (if supported by your rooted system).* Shutdown: completely powers down your deviceThe Hot Boot, Reboot, and Reboot Recovery features rely on busybox and therefore work on most but not all rooted systems. Support for these features depends on the version of busybox installed, and how your rooted system is configured.WHAT THIS APP DOES NOT DO* This app cannot power on your tablet or phones screen if its not in sleep mode. If it is completely shut down, it is impossible for apps to run. Because this is an app, your tablet or phone must be in sleep mode for it to be able to power on the screen.* This app cannot reboot a tablet or phone that is not rooted. * This app cannot completely power off a tablet or phone that is not rooted.*** TABLET/PHONE COMPATIBILITY ***This app version was tested on ICS, Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Jellybean Android OS versions using select Samsung, Arnova, and Craig phones, tablets, and netbooks and runs well. Some phones/tablets might not work properly with this app. If you experience any problems please contact me for support.***UNINSTALLING***Use the app's built-in "Uninstall" button for an easy uninstall. Uninstalling by other methods can fail.***REFUNDS***If you contact me for support and I cannot get the app to work on your tablet or phone after a few attempts I will give you a full refund if requested.Recent changes:v1.0.0.12* Fixed a rare startup crash issue.v1.0.0.11* New Power Off Notification root features added: Power Off Long Press, Reboot, Reboot Recovery, Shutdown, and Hot Boot. Long press the Power Off Notification button to access the new root feature options.* New root feature: you can now enable or disable confirmation windows for Reboot, Reboot Recovery, Shutdown, and Hot Boot. * Fixed an issue that caused the Power On Volume service to fail to restart on some devices after rebooting.Content rating: Everyone
File Size1.13 MB
Operating System Android Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.