Video: "I'm down here...forever."The only true real time EVP ITC research software on the market. Real Time EVP Enhancer utilizes 5 independent audio engines, carrying milliseconds of randomly generated noise to your speaker, headphones or external speaker. With this software, recording IS NOT NEEDED to hear electronic voice phenomenon. Each signal is passed through an EVP enhancement process, then played back for less than 1 second. Somehow, voices carry over each signal, completely defying all logic. Multiple voices are typically heard within the first minute.Unedited Audio Sample: Enhancer is THE ONLY application software capable of producing the sonic energy required to hear Class A EVP messages AND CONVERSATIONS in REAL TIME WITHOUT the need for RECORDING. No phonetics, no voice samples and no BS.Spirit detection and communication in just a few quick taps on your touch screen, with ZERO vocal samples, NO radar scanner and ZERO paid customer reviews. The best and most advanced spirit voice capture software on the market.Instead of blindly sweeping through audible and inaudible frequencies in hopes of catching the "sweet spot", CPR's advanced ITC software applications are born from countless hours of research, using real EVP recording frequency analysis and conventional science/parascience. RTEVP, Pandora's Box and Gaia ARE the sweet spot.Our work brings theories in the vein of Konstantin Raudive and Friedrich Jrgenson into the digital age.EVP Enhancer is not triggered by EMF readings, radar scanners, touches or taps on your screen. Experiment with your WiFi internet, Bluetooth and GPS settings to find what works best with your phone and surroundings.#25 in Top New Paid Tools Apps! (3/17/2013)#164 in Top Grossing Tools Apps! (3/17/2013#418 in ALL Top New Paid Apps! (3/12/2013)EVP Enhancer has the ability to allow spirits to communicate. As such, it is intended for mature paranormal investigators only. No grade school ghost hunters. Some of those words may be bad words. Some of them may frighten or disturb you. Not for use by anyone under the age of 18. Keep away from children. Due to the experimental nature of this and any paranormal ITC research software, I cannot offer any guarantees to the frequency or accuracy of any voices this software may produce, but if there are any spirits nearby...they'll find some way to let you know :)All promotional recordings for this software were recorded using my EVP Recorder app, Audacity, Vox Recorder for Windows or Pro Tracks. The only signal processing I do is the OCCASIONAL noise reduction or compression. No signal processing is required to hear EVP voices, however.If you have any questions, comments, criticisms or concerns, email me at My Android phone is always with me, and I'll get in touch with you as soon as possible. Developers cannot respond to in app reports. Our courteous and efficient staff is on call 24 hours a day to serve all your supernatural needs.Content rating: Everyone
File Size3.82 MB
Operating System Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7 Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.


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