Snaked Shutdown Control

Snaked Shutdown Control helps you manually control and plan your Windows shutdown / restarting functions while also giving you the ability to cancel them too. Especially helpful in the following scenarios : When running Windows 8 and you find it complicated to shutdown or restart your PC. When you need to carefully plan your Windows restart/shutdown process using a long timeout up to 100 days from now. When you've been infected by viruses that cause your computer to automatically restart and you need to stop it so that you deal with the infection. When it's usual for you to be in the need of cancelling an accidentally given shutdown or restart command. Snaked Shutdown Control is freeware, ad free and easy to use for any Windows user's experience level. It's interface is customizable and it currently supports English and Greek. More translations might be added later if requested. We hope you enjoy using our software.
File Size19.26 kB
Operating System Windows
System RequirementsMicrosoft .Net Framework 4.0