SignalCheck Pro

SignalCheck allows users to see the true signal strength of their connections. Unlike the standard Android signal bars, which only display the 1xRTT (voice and 2G data) signal strength, SignalCheck shows you detailed signal information about all of your device's connections, including 1xRTT, GSM, EV-DO or eHRPD (3G), LTE (4G), and Wi-Fi.YES SignalCheck Lite does show you LTE signal strength, and YES it works on all Samsung devices -- even if other similar apps don't! We have found our own solution to the Samsung issue.SignalCheck also displays the current connection type along with the carrier name, or the System ID of the carrier if roaming.One of the best features of SignalCheck Pro is the notification icon. A graphical display shows your data connection strength in the notification area, and can be seen in the pulldown menu. Your signal strength is always at the top of the screen along with your other icons.. no need to open the app to check your connections. Users can configure this to automatically start when their device boots up if they choose to.SignalCheck Pro can also notify the user with an audio and/or vibrating alert when a 4G LTE connection is discovered. This is handy for users traveling in new cities, or if your carrier's 4G network is still under construction -- know immediately when you have a high-speed connection! Alerts can be disabled by the user if desired.SignalCheck Pro has an option to quickly reset your data connections from within the app. Also, users can choose to keep the screen on when SignalCheck Pro is in the foreground if they choose to.SignalCheck Pro provides easy access to advanced Android screens such as Battery Info, Field Trial, and Wi-Fi info. These screens are already available on most Android devices, but are only accessible by special dialer codes.We are always looking for feedback, including suggestions and bug reports.. compliments are always welcome too.Permission Explanations:ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION,ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION,ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE,ACCESS_WIFI_STATE, andREAD_PHONE_STATE:All of these permissions are needed in order to gather information about your current network connection(s), which is the whole purpose of this app.INTERNET:This is to allow crash reports to be automatically uploaded to the developer to identify problems with the app that need to be resolved. This is done through the BugSense service.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED:This is to allow SignalCheck Pro to automatically start when the device boots up, if the user chooses.VIBRATE:This is to allow vibrating notifications if the user chooses to enable alerts.WRITE_SETTINGS:This is to save the user's application preferences on the device.Recent changes:Version 2.13:Added option to automatically run when device boots up.Added option to keep screen on while SignalCheck is in the foreground.Resolved force closes some users were experiencing when connected to LTE.Resolved issue with some non-GSM devices showing GSM information.Corrected math error with 1xRTT and EV-DO readings.Redesigned the menus.Improved quality of data provided by BugSense automated crash reporting.Code enhancements and optimizations.Content rating: Low Maturity
Price USD 1.99
License Purchase
File Size 154.48 kB
Version 2.13
Operating System Android, Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7
System Requirements Compatible with 2.3.3 and above.