Calc Trek is an app with a basic calculator, a scientific calculator, a units converter, and a mortgage calculator. There are 44 different color themes to choose from that use futuristic graphics. All three calculators can be configured (by tapping the bottom elbo) so that the 10-key keypad has the 7-8-9 buttons at the top and the 1-2-3 buttons at the bottom, (like on standard Mac keyboards) or with the 1-2-3 buttons at the top and the 7-8-9 buttons at the bottom. (See the last two screenshots below.)There are 1078 calculation and conversion functions in Calc Trek, not including the mortgage calculator. Here's the breakdown:BASIC CALCULATOR:=================AddSubtractMultiplyDivideInvert Sign (-1*x)Inverse (1/x)Square RootCube Rootx Squaredx CubedModFactorialTruncate (delete decimal portion)Fraction (keep only the decimal portion)SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR:=====================sincostanasinacosatansinhcoshtanhasinhacoshatanhx^nx^-ne^n2^n10^nloglog2log10Radians/Degrees toggleScientific Constants:===============epipi/2pi/3pi/4pi/618090604530MEMORY FUNCTIONS:==================MR (Memory Recall)M+ (Add the current value to Memory)M (Subtract the current value from Memory)M (Multiply Memory by the current value)M (Divide Memory by the current value)MC (Clear Memory)Copy (Copy the current value)Paste (Pasteboard to current value)Copy ReadoutClear (Reset the current value to 0)Backspace (Delete the last digit)CONVERSION:============AngleAreaEnergyLengthPowerPressureTemperatureTimeVelocityVolumeWeightConvert Angle Units From/ToDegreesRadiansGradsConvert Area Units From/ToAcresHectaresSquare AngstromsSquare CentimetersSquare DecametersSquare FeetSquare InchesSquare KilometersSquare Light YearsSquare MetersSquare MilesSquare MillimetersSquare NanometersSquare ParsecsSquare YardsConvert Energy Units From/ToBTU Calorie Erg Electron VoltFoot Pound Joule Kilogram CalorieKilogram MeterKilowatt HourNewton MeterConvert Length Units From/ToAngstromAstronomical UnitChain CentimeterFathom Feet Inch Kilometer Light YearMeter Mile MillimeterNanometerNautical MileParsec YardConvert Power Units From/ToBTU per Minute FootPound per Minute FootPound per Second Horsepower Kilowatt WattConvert Pressure Units From/ToNewton per Meter Squared Atmosphere Millibar Bar Pascal Kilopascal Inches Of MercuryTORRPSIPSFConvert Temperature Units From/ToCentigrade Fahrenheit Kelvin RankineConvert Time Units From/ToPicosecond Nanosecond Microsecond Millisecond Second Minute Hour Day Week Year Century MillenniumConvert Velocity Units From/ToCentimeters per Second Kilometers per Hour Feet per Second Miles per Hour Meters per Second Knots Kilometers per Second Miles per Second Warp TOS Warp TNG Convert Volume Units From/ToCubic Feet Cubic Meter Cubic Kilometer Cubic Light Year Cubic Parsec Liter Pint Quart Gallon Convert Weight Units From/ToMilligram Gram Kilogram Tonne Long Ton Ounce Pound Stone Short Ton FEATURES: 3 Calculators 1078 Calculator Functions and Conversions Calculator Copy / Paste Calculator Clear and Backspace Advanced Memory Functions 11 Conversion Groups 44 Color Themes Graphical Theme Selection (Tap the SYSTEM Button/Elbo) Digital Clock 12 Hour or 24 Hour Time 2 StarDate Types Millennium StarDate Integrated Battery Status Readout and GUI System Version Readout Cool Sound FX Mute Sound FX, for Silent OperationLive Long and Prosper \//
File Size6.06 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPad. iTunes account required.