Vibrate then Ring with Flash

# Vibrate then Ring with Flash by Shake# Notificatioin/Alert Flash Enable (Ver 1.6.1)- Flash when a new notification arrives in selected app(Twitter, Facebook, Alarm/Clock, Messenger, etc) (However, you must activate the [Accessibility] service)* Feature phones as the primary function, but Android does not support basic Vibrate then ring camera flash functions can be used simultaneously. and there is supported to answer in call by shaking# Vibrate then Ring 1) When a call arrives, it will start to vibrate mode. 2) a certain amount of time after the ring tone progressively larger rings. 3) or to set the loudness rings. # Flash Bell 1) When a call arrives, the flash sparkling shines. 2) Set the starting time of the flash3) Set the number of flash flashing# Notificatioin Flash1) Flashing, when there is notified in the selected App2) It must activate the [Accessibility] service works# Answer Call by Shake1) when the phone rang , You can answer the phone by Shaking2) set the sensitivity of shaking## Please refer ##1 Phones may have to do some action. 2 If it doesn't work, reboot or kill all processes* now no longer should be ringing ringing phone to be embarrassed or not due to the App if you wanted to dramatically reduce the amount of Please use it. * Google translate is supported by English. # TAG Vibration / vibration after / ring / flash / LED / FLASH / light / LIGHT / vibrator / vib / blink / vibration Bell / Bell / ringtones / flash LED / camera / camera / light / shiny / ring / RING / ring after vibration / notification / noti / alert / notify / twitter / facebook / messenger / kakao / clockRecent changes:Ver 2.0.2- add main screen- some bug fixVer 2.0.1- All New User Interface.Ver 1.6.1- Notification Flash Enable (you must activate the [Accessibility] service)Ver 1.4.1- Main screen UI improvementVer 1.3.8- Vibrate then ring adding a activating condition (only Vibration or silent mode / always enable) - Settings screen, UI improvementVer 1.3.7- SMS Flash Enable- (Using other SMS app like GoSMS and behavior may not work)Content rating: Everyone
File Size881.45 kB
Operating System Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7 Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.


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