Boyle Charles Calculator Lite

Boyle Charles Calculator is a calculation sheet that solves a gas problem of volume, pressure, and temperature. This Boyle Charles Calculator is a subset of iPad Mol Calculator software.Boyle Charles Calculator Lite is a Lite version of the Boyle Charles Calculator software. This can operate the P button up to 2 times. When 10 minutes pass and the software is resumed, the P button can be used again.A typical problem is as follows.(Example)There is 0.05 mol of hydrogen gas. (1)When the temperature is 20 and the pressure is 1 atmosphere, how much liters is the gas ? (2)When the temperature is 20 and the gas is packed in a 0.1-liter container, how much is the pressure of hydrogen gas?(1)Volume calculationBoyle Charles Calculator solves the problem in the following three steps.//Step 0: Preparation//Gather known data.//Step 1: Definition//Enter known data into the BC sheet.Mol = 0.05, T = 20[C], p = 1[atm] //Step 2: Calculation//Data are not independent but mutually related by formulae.Calculation is a conversion from unknown data to known data using the formulae.The formulae are embedded in P and G buttons.Touching out those buttons executes the formulae and changes unknown data to known data.Touch out buttons as follows.Touch out P_Mol button. StdVol and Vol data are changed to known data.It turns out that the volume of hydrogen gas is 1.2 L.(1)Pressure calculation//Solution by V1.00//Use the above results.Enter the following data Vol = 0.1[L]Touch out G_Pres button. Pressure data are changed to known data.It turns out that the gas pressure is 12.02 atmospheres.//Solution by V2.00//Change PresVol mode to pressure mode.//Step 1: Definition//Enter the following data.Mol = 0.05, T = 20[C], Vol = 0.1[L] //Step 2: Calculation//Touch out P_Mol button. StdVol and Pres data are changed to known data.It turns out that the gas pressure is 12.02 atmospheres.[Data label]n [mol]: Mol quantity of substance.StdVol [L]: Gas volume of substance at 0 deg C and 1 atm.T [C][F]: Temperature.p [atm][kPa][mmHg]: PressureVol [L]: Gas volume of substance at the temperature T and at the pressure p.[Buttons and data]//P button and P data group//P (put) button inputs data to which the P button is assigned.P data group is a group of data to which the P buttons are assigned. The P data group has a special character. When one P data is input, all other data of the P data group are updated by formulae.//G button//G (get) button gets data from other data using formulae.//C butto//C (Clear) button clears all data.//PresVol button//Either pressure data or volume data belongs to P button data group. The PresVol button specifies pressure mode or volume mode. [Color change]Color change shows what data are input, output, or referenced data in this button execution.Input data:Blue colorReferenced data:Yellow colorOutput data:Green colorUncalculated data:Red color [Formulae]Embedded formulae are as follows.StdVol = 22.414 x nStdVol /273.15 = p x Vol / (T + 273.15)
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