Axar 1 Hand English Keyboard

Many times both hands are not available for typing To type with only one hand is a difficult thing To overcome this problem, a solution is - A method by which touch typists can type the letters on the left side of the keyboard with their RIGHT hand So only ONE hand will be needed to type all the entire qwerty letters This keyboard s/w is an installable program which does this This will work in Windows It enables you to type with the RIGHT fingers, those letters which normally would be typed with the LEFT fingers ! You need to press the Right-Alt Key and simultaneously hit with your RIGHT fingers the keys which normally are hit with the LEFT fingers Thus : RtAlt+p=q RtAlt+o=w RtAlt+i=e RtAlt+u=r RtAlt+y=t and so on To type upper case, press Shift key also RtAlt+Shift+p = Q and so on for help email : (the reverse works too ! you CAN type the right side letters by using only the left hand .. you still need to press RtAlt along with the left key)
License Free
File Size 358.6 kB
Version 1.0
Operating System Windows 7 Windows 2000 Windows 98 Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 8 Windows 2003 Windows Me Windows