Secure Updater

The fastest growing method hackers use to infiltrate your computer is to exploit vulnerabilities in outdated versions of your third-party programs like Flash, Java, Skype, Adobe Reader and more. Keeping common third-party programs up to date has never been so important for your computer's security. Secure Updater silently and automatically updates more than 30 commonly installed third-party programs within 8 hours of the release of patched or updated software. Imagine getting important updates for your software as much as 14x faster than you receive it through the included application update software. Imagine not having to click next a million times while remembering to uncheck each piece of bloatware that is being passed your way. Download the free and fully functional trial of Secure Updater to get your computer up to date and keep it that way. You can select which programs to update and which to exclude if you wish. Secure Updater was created with a minimalist interface, making it simple to use. It doesn't use a single KB more of system resources than it needs to do its job. The trial is free for the first 15 days. Once the trial expires you can purchase the software for $49.99 or simply uninstall it from your computer. No tricks, no "retention program." There is a reason why 78% of trial users go on to install the paid version of Secure Updater. It just works.
Price USD 49.99
License Free to try
File Size 1.51 MB
Version 1.2.25
Operating System Windows, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
System Requirements None