International Steam Tables - IAPWS-IF97

The "International Steam Tables - IAPWS-IF97" app has been developed by active members of the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS) at the Zittau/Goerlitz University of Applied Sciences. The research group at the Department of Technical Thermodynamics in Zittau participated in the development of the "Industrial Formulation IAPWS-IF97 for the Properties of Water and Steam" and developed four supplementary standards for backward equations. This universal app can be used on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and is designed for comfortable use. The calculations of the thermodynamic properties are based on the Industrial Formulation IAPWS-IF97 and cover its full range of validity. In addition, transport properties, thermodynamic derivatives, and backward functions can be calculated.This app is intended to be used by students and engineers in their daily work.To learn more about the "International Steam Tables - IAPWS-IF97" app visit our website for a detailed User's Guide.---------------------------------------Features of the "International Steam Tables - IAPWS-IF97" app: The following combinations of input variables can be chosen: Pressure p and temperature tPressure p and vapor fraction x in wet steam regionTemperature t and vapor fraction x in wet steam regionPressure p and specific enthalpy hPressure p and specific entropy sSpecific enthalpy h and specific entropy sSpecific internal energy u and specific volume vSpecific enthalpy h and specific volume vThe user just edits the values of the input variables and all results are calculated automatically. See the screenshots below this text for details.Depending on the given pair of input variables the following properties will be calculated:Pressure p or saturation pressure psTemperature t or saturation temperature tsVapor fraction xSpecific volume vDensity rhoSpecific internal energy uSpecific enthalpy hSpecific entropy sSpecific isobaric heat capacity cpSpecific isochoric heat capacity cvSpecific isentropic exponent kappaSpeed of sound wIsobaric cubic expansion coefficient alpha_vIsothermal compressibility kappa_tThermal conductivity lambdaDynamic viscosity etaKinematic viscosity nyPrandtl number PrThermal diffusivity aThe calculated properties are displayed in a scrollable view. The user just needs to scroll down to see all the results. See the screenshots below for details.If the user switches from one input variable combination to another the previously given or calculated values will be assigned to the new input values and the output is being calculated automatically. For example, if the user calculates a certain state point from pressure p and temperature t and switches to a calculation from pressure p and specific entropy s afterwards, the previously calculated value for s (from p and t) will be assigned as input value for s. This eases the calculation of thermodynamic processes in which one property is kept constant, e. g. of an isentropic expansion.The user can choose SI or I-P unit systems. In addition a variety of other units are available,e.g. K, C, F, R for Temperature, MPa, bar, psi, atm for pressure,kg, lb for mass, kJ, Btu, ft lbf, kcal for energy. All units can be selected independently but the user might also switch between SI and IP unit system for all properties with just one tap. See the screenshots below this text for details.Unit conversions will be effective immediately.A detailed User's Guide explains the features and capabilities of this App. View the User's guide online on
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