GCC - GeoCache Calculator

The GeoCache Calculator is a comprehensive tool for every active cacher! It contains over 250 different functions to calculate values and checksums, as well as tables and overviews for supporting your outdoor geocaching search. A tool which no cacher should miss!GCC was in many reviews, podcasts and tests on different geocaching sites. The feedback was allways really good. The ratings at the market emphasize this. So, give GCC a try! :)You will find the full function list and changelog on:http://gcc.eisbehr.deFunctions:ADFGX (en-/decrypt)ADFGVX (en-/decrypt)Alpha NumericASCII:- Converter- TableBase16 (en-/decode)Base32 (en-/decode)Base64 (en-/decode)Base85 (en-/decode)Brainfuck / Ook:- Text to Brainfuck- Text to Ook- Brainfuck to Ook- Ook to Brainfuck- Brainfuck to Text- Ook to TextCaesar (en-/decrypt)Colors:- CMY- CMYK- HEX- HSL- HSV- RGB- YIQ- YUV- YCBCRCoordinates:- Bearing- Converter- Distance- Geohash- Intersection Bearing- Intersection Distance / Radius (two)- Intersection Distance / Radius (three)- Intersection Circle- Intersection Lines- Midpoint- ProjectionCross Total:- A = 1 / Z = 26- A = 26 / Z = 1- interated- alternating- sum- productEnigma:- 58 RotorsFormula Solver:- own formulas and values- many mathematical functionsGC Base 31 (en-/decode)Hash:- AP- BKDR- BP- DEK- DJB- ELF- FNV- JS- MD2- MD4- MD5- PJW- RIPEMD-128- RIPEMD-160- RS- SDBM- SHA-1- SHA-160- SHA-254- SHA-384- SHA-512- Tiger- WhirlpoolHeatindexHint (en-/decode)Kenny's Code (en-/decrypt)Morse Code:- Translator- TableTables:- ASCII- Morse Code- Numeral Systems- Resistor Color Code - 4 Rings- Resistor Color Code - 5 Rings- Roman NumeralmyGEOtools:- Alchemical Symbols- Ancient Egyptian Numbers- Antiker- Arcadian- Atbash / Caesar- ATH-Code- Bacon's cipher- Baudot- Blox- Brahmi- Braille- Chappe Code- Chappe-Code (optical Telegraph)- Cherokee- Cirth- Code-Sun (mRNA)- Colorhoney- ColorTokki- Daedric- Dagger- Decabit- Dragon Runes- Color Codes- Finger Alphabet- Flag Alphabet- Fonic- Freemasons Code Variant 2- Freemasons Code- Futurama- Glagolitic- Glagolitic Numerals- Gargish- Genreich- Greek Numerals- Lucky Numbers- Gnommish- Hexahue- Hieratic Numbers- HVD- Hylian- Hymmnos- Intergalactic Code- Indian Numerals- Japanese Numerals- Klingon Language- Krypton Language- Magicode- Marain- Matoran- Mathematics and Physics Constants- Maya- Maze- Modern Hylian- Moonalphabet- Musical Notation System- Ogam- Periodic System- Punisch- Pipeline 3D- Pixel Code- Polybios Cipher- POSTNET and PLANET- Puzzle Code- Reality- Romulan- Sarati- Segment Displays- Sexagesimal System- Spintype Alphabet- Sunz- Tenctonese- Tom Tom- Ulog- Utopian Code- Visitor- Semaphore- Yn-Koryni- Gypsy SignsNumeric Systems:- Converter- Base- Table- Negate Bases- Floating Point NumbersOne Time Pad:- en-/decrypt- Key Value SelectPermutationsPhone Keys:- Phone Number- Vanity Code- Input KeysPi ():- Position- Range- SearchPlayfair (en-/decrypt)Prime Numbers:- Number- Nearest- Position- Is Prim- Prime FactorsProjectileRail Fence (en-/decrypt)Resistor Color Code:- Calculator (4-Ring)- Calculator (5-Ring)- Table (4-Ring)- Table (5-Ring)ReverseRoman Numeral:- Translator- Chronogram- TableROT5ROT13ROT18ROT47Rotation (for-/backward)RSA:- En-/Decrypt- 'E' Check- 'D' Calculator- 'N' Calculator- '' Calculator- Prime Number CheckSkytale (en-/decrypt)Vigenre (en-/decrypt)WindchillFeatures:- Four Themes- Three Font Sizes- Six Charsets- Dynamic User-Interface- English and german translation- Fully integration of myGEOtools- Complete offline usage- No permissions on the device needed- App 2 SD- Tablet Ready- Two Widgets- Function SearchRecent changes:- new: Widgets- new: Function Search- new: Calculations In Search Bar- new: ADFG(V)X Alphabet & Matrix- new: Tablet Ready- new: Coord: Intersection 3 Circles- new: Coord: Intersection Lines- new: Coord: Swiss Grid (CH1903/+)- new: Coord: Default Format- new: Coord: Options- new: Alpha Numeric & Crosstotal Counting- new: Cherokee Alphabet- new: Google+ Link- new: Locus Free Link- new: Formula Solver Value Replacment- Different FixesFull log:http://gcc.eisbehr.de/changelog.htmlContent rating: Everyone
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License Free
File Size 4.15 MB
Version 1.0.5
Operating System Android, Android 2.1, Android 2.2
System Requirements Compatible with 2.1 and above.