Download All Files is a powerful download manager. It helps you download files quickly and reliably to your Android device and is free and easy to use. It lets you save nearly all types of files from the web, so you can open them in different apps or on your computer. Note: Download All Files supports downloading regular files, both small and large. However, it does NOT support downloading YouTube videos or other streaming media like movies and music. Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Stock Android Browser, Lightning Browser. Key Features: Reliable file downloads. Prioritize your downloads with download queue. Pause/resume downloads. Continue disconnected downloads. How to use it: 1. Use Chrome or other browser to find a file you want to download. 2. Long press the link. 3. Choose "Share Link" from context menu. 4. Choose "Download All Files" from list of applications. 5. Confirm adding file in the app.
Price 0
License Free
Version 3.0.6
Operating System Android