Easy calculate the discounted price when you shop, or the percentage of a certain generic value!Percentize! is the easiest percentage calculator that allows you to calculate percentage quickly!* Calculate Discounted Prices: how many times do you saw "30% off", "20% off" and so on when you are in shops ? Percentage let's you calculate the discounted price easily, just type the full price and the discount percentage, et voil... percentize tells you the discounted price!* Calculate the percentage of certain values: want to calculate how much is the 74% of 1923.45 ? Just type 1923.45 and move the percentage slider to 74%, et voil... Percentize tells you the result!Percentize is a free useful tool that anyone should have on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!
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Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required