Convex is a revolutionary stylish converter for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Convex is smart. Convex is so smart, it understands you. Just type any conversion and get the result immediately for over 950 units for 20 categories. Convex is the first converter that gets you by letting you type conversion naturally, in you own words. This makes Convex the fastest converter there is. You know what you want to convert, just type it. Convex's natural processing engine does the work for you. You're 5ft 10? Just type that (don't even mention the inches), Convex will figure it out and will even offer a smart default conversion to metric. Convex is FUN. Who said conversions had to be a chore? Convex transforms any conversion into an educational and fun experience. Amazing animations and cool sounds provide a new fun immersive experience that allows you to learn and enjoy conversions. You can immediately change the value to be converted by simply moving or taping your finger up or down, left or right on the animation.
File Size33.87 MB
Operating System iOS