DiskRadar provides an easy and efficient toolkit for fulfilling everyday disk-related tasks: monitoring of disk space usage and hard drive health, performing disk clean-ups and making educated predictions regarding possible failures. Designed for use by non-technical users, the application provides access to sufficient hard drive diagnostic data to satisfy any system administrator. Unlike most disk utilities, DiskRadar does not just monitor the disk's SMART status, but also analyzes the changes of all disk parameters that are closely related to HDD failures (like the pending bad sectors count, reallocated bad sectors, uncorrectable bad sectors, CRC errors and more) and alerts the user immediately if anything goes wrong. Our disk failure prediction algorithms are based on the recent researches in this field (like 'Failure Trends in a Large Disk Drive Population' by Google). The application also features real-time visualization of disk scanning results using an advanced combination of a color-coded sunburst infographic, plus bar graphs with alpha/numeric labeling. Disk space usage map (diagram) coloring scheme based on "heat map" concept. Recently used, "hot" files and folders are red; rarely used, "cold" files and folders are blue. User adjustable boundaries between hot, normal, and cold files. The display is interactive, allowing the user to mouse over any colored ring sector to reveal its contents listed and illustrated on the bar graph listing located alongside. Clicking on any sector expands that hierarchical level into its own 360-degree sunburst display and accompanying bar graph file listing.
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