ClockMaster - Clock Time Regulation

>>> Check out the demo videos at ClockMaster is an app dedicated to the measurement and regulation of mechanical pendulum clocks. The app uses a microphone to capture the audible ticks of the clocks escapement and pendulum, and then determines the beats per minute and the rate of error in seconds per day fast or slow.This app has been created specifically in mind for both the clock owner who just wants to know how fast or slow their clock is per day to adjust it, and also for the professional horologist for in depth testing of movements or field work.For the clock owner it is a simple process of mic calibration, putting the clock in beat with apps help and then the measurement takes place. An error rate will be shown and you can adjust the clocks pendulum accordingly. (see website for more info) For the professional horologist or interested amateur, you can now test and regulate in the field accurately - put the clock in exact beat, regulate the clock accurately with only a few minutes of testing. On the bench you can test for long periods for increased rate accuracy and stability. The rate is a running average so the longer the test, the more accurate the rate. Accuracy of BPMs to the 4th decimal place and rates accurate down to +/- 1 second a week (in-app upgrade). You can add external sensors to also aid in accuracy (see website for more info). There is an added feature for saving the raw tick times in a data file that can be imported to your favourite spreadsheet for graphing and in depth study of escapements and wheels (in-app upgrade).Highlights: Microphone sensitivity level adjustment for better, more accurate sound pickup Beat error - Compares the time difference, , between ticks for adjusting the clock in beat BPM - Automatically figures the beats/tick per minute of the clock or allows a manual entry of BPH (beats per hour) if known Rate - Shows a continuous running average of the rate of the clock in +/- seconds per day Count - counts the total number of beats/ticks within the sampled time.The app works on any pendulum clock - a longcase, mantel, wall, bracket, dial or carriage clock, et cetera. Also works with quartz clocks and watches or anything that produces an audible tick that you would want to measure or regulate.Note:There is an in-app upgrade that provides these additional features: Increased BPM measurement to the fourth decimal place - 1 sec per week rating accuracy Raw timing data export to file for use in spreadsheets to graph and analyze Support for external piezo acoustic sensors
Price USD9.99
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File Size 3.28 MB
Version 2.3
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad. iTunes account required.