This application is the program which measures the revolutions per minute of the Turntable system (LP,EP,SP DiskPlayer). revolutions per minute and turn unevenness (flutter) are displayed on the display of iPhone4 when fixing iPhone4 on the turntable of the player and turning a turntable. It is measuring revolutions using the gyro feature of iPhone4. Because to be influenced by the precision of the gyro sensor, a precise measure isn't gotten. Think that it does a rough estimate value. Also, when using, fix surely iPhone on the turntable so as not for iPhone to fall from the turntable. As for the trouble which accompanies use, we don't take the consequences. [ The usage ] < 1. The "Calibration " button > In the fully stationary condition, press this button. By this, it acquires the offset of the gyro sensor in standing still and it revises when measuring. < 2. The "Clear Cal. " button > Calibration is cleared in case of confirmation message's being displayed and moreover pressing "Clear" when pushing this button. When pressing "Cancel", Calibration isn't cleared and maintains an original Calibration value. < 3. The "Start " button > When pushing this button, it begins the measurement of revolutions per minute. The measurement is revolutions per minute and turn unevenness (flutter). Because the turn unevenness is displaying only a flutter ingredient in the wow flutter in the %, it becomes a different value with JIS C5521 and IEC98A. Also, because it influences gyro precision revolutions, turn unevenness together, the measurement accuracy can not be guaranteed. It stops measurement when pushing the same button again. The "data" button becomes valid when measuring once and the result of measurement can be confirmed. < 4. The "data" button> When pushing this button after measurement execution, result of measurement in 1 second is displayed with the screen being under in 60 seconds of the switching-over pasts. When pushing the " returning " button with the result display screen, it returns to the original measurement screen. The result of measurement is cleared every time it pushes the " beginning " button. [ Requirement ] This application is usable only in iPhone4 ( iOS later 4.0 ).
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Version 1.00
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone. iTunes account required.