Wide Camera gives you the choice of taking photos with a wide range of aspect ratios.iPhone camera has the standard aspect ratio of 4x3, which can be boring sometimes. In addition, you may need to take photos for a specific work which requires a different ratio.Wide Camera gives you the following 27 choices:-1 x 1: Square-1.10: Boxy-5 x 4: Useful for desktop photos of those old 17" to 18" LCD monitors.-4 x 3: Normal-1.37: 35mm film-1.43: IMAX-3 x 2: 35mm still film-14 x 9: TV commercial-16 x 10: Wide computer screen-5 x 3: Super 16mm film-1.71: Netbook wide screen-1.75: Early 35mm widescreen-16 x 9: HDTV-1.85: US Theater-2 x 1: SuperScope-2.20: 70mm film-2.35: Early Panavision-2.39: Panavision-2.55: Cinerama 55-2.59: Cinerama-2.66: Super 16mm Anamorphic-2.75: Ultra-Panavision 70-2.76: MGM Camera 65-3 x 1-3.5 x 1-4 x 1-5 x 1-10 x 1In addition, it has the following features- Digital zoom, up to 4x- Full screen shutter- 3X3 grid to help your composition- Time stamp- Auto save or Review/Save
File Size781.25 kB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad., Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later., iTunes account required