PortKnock Lite

-- Overview --This application is a very simple port knocker for the iPhone, generally useful only to network administrators. You *must* have a port knock daemon running on your server for this application to be useful.This version of Port Knock Lite supports: - Up to 3 hosts - TCP/UDP configuration per host - Knock sent via WiFi - Configurable interpacket delay** Important Update **For users considering upgrading from Port Knock Lite 1.x:- You *must* re-enter your knock data after upgrading- Port Knock Lite 2.0 can only send knocks out via WiFi. If you wish to send out via 3G, please consider the full verison of Port Knock.-- Use Cases --This app is ideal if you're on a WiFi network but don't have a port knocker on the available computers. If you're sitting behind a NAT, the iPhone/iPod Touch will have the same IP as any of the other computers on your network.This is also great to use with TouchTerm or any other ssh or telnet software for the iPhone.Just give it the hostname and a list of ports, and whether you want it to send TCP or UDP packets.-- Brief Description of Port Knocking for the Layman --Port Knocking is a technique to secure services behind a firewall until a specific knock sequence is given. This is not to be confused with port scanning (a network management tool for discovering open services on a system).Imagine you left your kids at home alone. You don't want them to open the door for strangers. And when a stranger comes knocking, you don't even want them to come to the door, because you don't want them to know your kids are there. But, when you or other family members come, you might want them to open the door for you. So you teach them to listen for a certain rattat-tat-tat or special knock that only you and your family know.This is the same concept you can apply to your servers. If you run a knock daemon on your server, this app then lets you send the special knock to it.A more technical description of port knocking can be found on Wikipedia:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_knocking-- Additional Info --If you're in need of a knock server, I personally use Judd Vinet's knock daemon for linux. It's quite easy to use: http://www.zeroflux.org/projects/knockYou can find of information and a nice list of other knock clients and servers over at http://www.portknocking.org/
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 488.28 kB
Version 2.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later., iTunes account required