This is an RFC-2289 OTP ("One Time Password") Generator.This application generates one-time passwords in accordance with the Internet standard document "RFC2289 One-Time Password System".It is a system administrator's tool to facilitate logging into Unix and Linux servers secured by Challenge-Response OTP systems such as OPIE ("One Time Password Is Everything") and S/KEY(TM).The RFC2289 OTP standard obsoletes the older RFC1938 OTP standard, and it also supersedes the S/KEY(TM) protocol described in RFC1760.This OTP password generator tool supports the MD4 (RFC1320) and MD5 (RFC1321) message-digest algorithms developed by RSA Data Security, as well as NIST's Secure Hash Algorithm SHA1 (RFC3174).S/KEY is a trademark of Telcordia Technologies.
File Size97.66 kB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later., iTunes account required