Network Diagnostics Pro

ND Pro is the professional tool to help you analyzing & troubleshooting your network. It is continuously being further developed to eventually provide an all-in-one tool solution. It currently consists of the following tool sets-Ping*including Ping ranges e.g.*Ping groups-Fast Traceroute*including automatic reverse IP DNS lookup of IP addresses-DNS lookup*including reverse DNS lookup-Wake on LAN-Network Info / Device Info Section-Settings section now also inside the toolFeature overview:-all functions are being implemented the iphone/ipod touch GUI way-list with your favorites separated for each each tool-usage of your favorites between tools (as long as possible for required functionality)-grouped history of Pings being send and a summary for each ping session, grouped history for traceroute path, lookups being done, magic packets being send-definition of number of packets to send-timeout definition for each ping, ping answers being received later than the timeout are marked in red-trace route timeout values and maximum path length adjustable-if nothing is entered in the input section a so called super favorite is being used-usage of result entries as inputs for different sections just tap a result-eMail results of any section just tap a result-access application settings (such as timout, repeat count etc) now from witin the application-shows and tracks Wifi networks in reach with detailed information-works via Wifi, 3G, EDGE, GPRS and VPN networksPing determines the availability of a host and packet round trip times. Ping ranges allow you to ping up to a class c address range to determing responding hosts within the range. (e.g. or Ping groups allow you to create groups of hosts (create your printer, server WAN groups). Host can be selected from the Ping favorite section and associated to a group. If selected and started all selected hosts are being fast pinged to determine their rechability. Ping groups must be selected from the favorite section for usage. You cannot simply enter their name. As soon as the input field is being entered the input field is treated as normal host entry again and not as Ping group.Trace route determines the path to a destionation (if not prhibited by firewalls). Is is being optimized for very fast path determination.(WoL) Wake-on-LAN allows you to wake up a device via your network, the internet or VPN by sending a magic packet to wake it up. Please note that the remote device must be configured to listen to those kind of packets for being able to be woken up. For WoL to work you should always configure the LAN Broadcast address instead of host address to prevent problems with timeouted arp caches and thus not possible packet delivery within the target network. (e.g. for Host network mask you should use as WoL host address)The Wake on LAN feature has been successfully tested with Airport Express, Airport Extreme, TimeCapsule and quite some other vendor's devices such as Cisco, Draytek, AVM routers. In bridged, routed LANs as well as over the Internet through IPSEC VPN connections.Info section includes-about / version information-device status ( Online Connection type & status)-device's IP address settings-DNS server -Default gateway -device's interfaces-currently network the device status displays the following information-WWAN / WiFi status-connection type such as (WIFI / WWAN / IPSEC / Tunnel)Application settings section.Change almost any application setting on the fly. Only enabling/disabling entire tool sets to adjust the application exactly to your requirements is only accessible from devices applications settings section
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File Size 3.53 MB
Version 2.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later., iTunes account required