Handwriting Analysis

Video of app available on support site!!Handwriting can expose some interesting information about a person. Thats why its often used in solving crimes (seen many times on CSI). Graphology is also a great way to see if a person is correct fit for a position in your company or in your personal life.This way of analyzing handwriting is the most accurate. If you were to write with your finger in the app itself it would not give you an accurate analysis because that would not be handwriting. Digital writing analysis does not work because of the detail that people put in penmanship. This way you can analyze anyone's handwriting as long as you have a sample letter from them, resume or a note. In handwriting every little detail counts.This easy to use handwriting analysis app takes care of most of the work. Just find the closest possible match from the easy to use selection wheel and in 5 simple steps you will have a complete analysis of the handwriting. You can also email this report to your friends of colleagues.Find out if your possible partner is right for you.During interview process handwriting analysis can reveal some information about the potential employee that may be useful.Find out what kind of friends you have, by analyzing their handwriting.Great around the office or at home.I hope you enjoy this app as much as I do enjoy analyzing handwriting.Science behind it:Graphology is the study and analysis of handwriting especially in relation to human psychology. In the medical field, it can be used to refer to the study of handwriting as an aid in diagnosis and tracking of diseases of the brain and nervous system.The muscular movements involved in writing are controlled by the central nervous system. The form of the resultant writing movement is modified further by the flexibly assembled coordinative structures in the hand, arm, and shoulder; which follow the principles of dynamical systems. The specific writing organ (mouth, foot, hand, crook of elbow) is irrelevant if it functions normally and is sufficiently adapted to its function.
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