E-Formulas 1.4 introduces our most requested feature -- calculating resistance and capacitance in series and parallel. Easily solve any of the variables in 22 of the most useful formulas in electronics including the first Voltage Drop calculator in the App Store. Over 70+ formula variations in total. Standard international units are fully supported and results are automatically computed using unit picker control.FEATURES Includes custom numeric keypad for rapid and accurate entry of numbers Select specific unit multipliers for each variable Graphic representation of each formula for easy identification Each formula includes a descriptive overview and link to Wikipedia for more in-depth information Shake to clear all valuesINCLUDED FORMULAS Ohm's Law Power Power Dissipation (Current) Power Dissipation (Voltage) Joule's Law Voltage Drop Capacitive Reactance Inductive Reactance Impedance Resonance RC Time Constant RL Time Constant Power Gain Voltage Gain Frequency Wavelength AC Peak Voltage Parallel Resistance Series Resistance Parallel Capacitance Series Capacitance Parallel Inductance Series InductanceINCLUDED BASE UNITS Ohms Amps Volts Watts Farads Henrys Hertz Seconds Decibels Meters Joules AWG cmil (Circular Mils) mm2 (Square Millimeters)FREE UPDATESFuture versions including additional formulas will be free.SUPPORTTo request the addition of a new formula, make a suggestion or report a bug please send an email to support@formulasensei.com
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Version 1.4
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later., iTunes account required