Calculate the Julian Day Number for today!! This application does only one thing. It very simply provides the user with what day number of the year it is. Examples: January 1st is day number 1. February 28th is day number 59, July 20th would be 201, etc. This application also works in leap years when all Julian day numbers would be increase by one after February 29th The Julian day number can be considered a very simple calendar, where its calendar date is just an integer. This is useful for reference, computations, and conversions. It allows the time between any two dates in history to be computed by simple subtraction.This application is used in the Manufacturing, Military, Food Service, Beverage and Agricultural industries to keep track of manufacturing and production dates, expiration dates or as just a simple way to track days.***iTouch Owners***This application assumes you have the correct date and time settings entered in the system preferences for proper calculation of Julian Day numbers and all other calendar related functions. Please make sure you check -->Settings-->General-->Date & Time-->Set Date & Time for the correct settings.iPhone users that use automatic settings should not have issues.**Features in this version**-No ads-Day of the week is shown-Only shows the current days Julian Number-Large Display Option-Icon Badge Display setting. This displays the Day Number on the icon badge. **Please note this requires the app to be launched once per day to update the icon badge** At this time it is NOT automatically updated.Need more features? Like the ability to choose any day for conversion? or email your conversions? Check my other apps for 'Julian Day'. It's exactly what your looking for!!
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Version 2.21
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later., iTunes account required