Anti Theft + Snoop Detection Alarm

* NOTICE *There is an additional 15-second silent countdown in the arming process! This will be fixed in the next update.Introducing the new Anti-Theft with snoop detector and intruder alarm 3-in-1 combo, the best motion sensor activated theft prevention app for the iPhone and the iPod Touch!* Anti-Theft / Thief Deterrent *iPhone and the iPod are attractive targets to thieves everywhere. Whether you are dining at a restaurant, studying at the school library, or working hard on the job, someone will try to steal your valuable music player. Anti-Theft provides the first line of defense by blaring out a loud siren that will startle the robber, alert you of the thief's presence, attract the attention of everyone nearby, and force the thug to abandon the heist. For even stronger deterrence, you can combine the ear-piercing sound with the Mosquito Alarm, aka Teen Repellent, an annoying high frequency audio that can cause great discomfort in young people.+ 2 configurable alarm system profiles+ 3 loud burglar sirens+ 2 ear piercing beeping alarms+ Mosquito alarm (Teen buzz)+ Option to auto-arm on startup+ Keep property safe from curious kids and pets* Anti-Snoop Detection *Is someone looking through your private stuff on your phone while you are away? Got a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or parents who likes to spy on you? Now you can defeat those prying eyes with Anti-Theft's silent logging ability and make a fool out of the snooper!+ Locked screen protected by a cool, secret touch pass code+ Set background to Photo Album pictures or screenshots+ Status bar with live clock gives illusion of activity+ Detailed logging shows proof of unauthorized use+ Log cannot be defeated by exiting the app+ Creatively trick and trap the prowler for good(WARNING: If you forget your touch disarm sequence you will need to reinstall the app)* Intruder Alarm *While traveling you have to lodge in an unfamiliar hotel with strange neighbors. Even worse, there is a (supposedly locked) door connecting your room to the next room! With Anti-Theft's motion sensing capability, you can hang the armed device on the door knob and sleep with peace of mind. (Device without a chain or string can be hung in a purse or small bag)+ Perfect for hotel security and door entry alerts+ Scare away the nosy roommate+ Easy to use quick arming protection+ Play prank games with your friendsMore features including GPS tracking to be added in future free updates!
File Size5.25 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone and iPod touch., Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later., iTunes account required