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An extension (also known as a hack) for the PalmComputing Platform. It allows you to quickly switch from yourcurrent application to the previous one by simply swiping yourpen from the silkscreen "Apps" button into the upper-leftgraffiti area. In addition, a swipe from the "Menu"button to the "Apps" button will pop up a list of yourmost recently used applications (application list) for you to select. Users of SwitchHack will find McPhlingvery similar. Other features of McPhling include: You can choose which applications will be ignored by McPhling from the preferences screen in HackMaster (or whatever Palm OS system extension manager you use). You can choose "favorite" apps which will always be shown in the applications list. You can select the number of applications in the applications list. You can choose the order of the applications list. Ordering options are: Most Recently Used MRU with Favorites at Top MRU with Favorites at Bottom Alphabetical Alphabetical with Favorites at Top Alphabetical with Favorites at Bottom You can select whether the current application is displayed in the application list. You can clear the cache of applications stored by McPhling from the preferences screen. Small icons give you a visual cue in the most-recently-used list. Note that if an application does now have a small icon, it will not show up in McPhling. McPhling can be configured on whether icons are shown or whether there is a click when the application list is brought up. A second swipe from the "Menu"button to the "Apps" button will remove the applications list if it is already up.
Price USD12
License Purchase
File Size 31.25 kB
Version 5.0
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm III
  • Palm OS 3.0
  • HackMaster
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