UpTime Log

UpTime Log is designed to help you track Macintosh usage. Basically, it records how long your Macintosh is being run between restarts. This could be useful on Macs being run as servers, but also on single-user Macs to find out "how much time am I spending at my Mac?"Salient Features: Easy to usedetects and logs system crashesTakes up minimum screen spaceCan be run automatically to record usage without user interventionNot an extension or control panel, so it's unlikely to cause compatibility problems"Flavor" interface (choose a color to match your iMac,G3,G4, or personality!)Many options! Includes stopwatch timer!
Price USD 15
License Purchase
File Size 584.25 kB
Version 1.9
Operating System Macintosh, Mac OS Classic
System Requirements
  • Mac OS 8.5 - Mac OS 9.2.2