A+ for Abacus Wrist PDA

Get 5 productivity and functionality enhancements in a single, low priced package: HotSync Now: allows you to launch HotSync in an instant; Business Card: beams your card quickly and easily from within any application; Backlight: can set permanent backlight for night reading or flashlight; Quick Launch: allows switching to pre-selected applications without having to go through Launcher first; Stopwatch: completes the watch's functionality in measuring time; All of the above are made available as button combinations, practically eliminating the need to look at the display. You can re-configure the watch buttons to execute any application you want, not just the above ones! Assign background or foreground applications of your choice, developed by Beiks or any other third party vendor. Third party application developers can benefit from the standard procedure of extending the list of A+ services for applications requiring sub-launching rather than complete application switch In fact, A+ comes with more than the above 5 essential services; there are also Grayscale and Service List, which can be of use to certain end-users. Finally, more you can expect more extension services to be made available to A+ by Beiks or third party vendors. How does it work A+ is an extension to the Palm OS operating system in your Wrist PDA watch. It monitors the watch's hardware buttons for certain button combinations and when those occur, it passes the control to the application assigned to this combination. From a user standpoint all that it takes is to press a button and, while holding it down, press another one for about half a second. A+ is also an application container, for in addition to the above, it comes with a few applications by itself, like HotSyncNow!, Business Card, Backlight, Quick Launch and Stopwatch; those are referred to as "application services" rather than just "applications", because they would not make much sense as standalone applications, but are very useful when put in the context of enhancing the watch's functionality.
Price USD4.95
License Free to try
File Size 147.75 kB
Version 1.25
Operating System Mobile Palm
System Requirements Palm Powered Abacus Wrist PDA